(100) Bearing Engineers 12524610-1 Spring Tension Washer 12.4mm x 23mm NSN:5310-01-115-0771

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Spring Tension Washer

NSN: 5310-01-115-0771 | Model: 12524610-1
ITAR Registered seal

A bent spring metal washer with a centrally located hole. It is designed to exert pressure axially when assembled in place.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Hole Diameter
Between 12.2 millimeters and 12.4 millimeters
Outside Diameter
Between 22.8 millimeters and 23.0 millimeters
Overall Height
2.1 millimeters
Material Thickness
1.5 millimeters
Hardness Rating
52.0 rockwell c
Surface Treatment
Style Designator
Spring tension

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