(100) American Steel MS9245-10 Cotter Pin, 1/32" x 1" NSN:5315-00-935-1238

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Cotter Pin

NSN: 5315-00-935-1238 | Model: MS9245-10
ITAR Registered seal

A half round, cylindrical, or flat piece of metal, bent to form a straight or crimped two-pronged device with an eye at one end, for inserting in a hole drilled at right angle to the axis of the stud, shaft, or like item. Its ends are separable or one end is bent to hold it in place.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Between 0.027 inches and 0.030 inches
Underloop Length
Between 0.970 inches and 1.030 inches
Point Type
Extended prong mitre end
Steel comp 321
Material Specification
Ams 7211 assn standard single material response
Style Designator

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