Military Spec 24" X 1" Tie Down Nylon Webbing Strap W/Metal Buckle & End Clip NSN: 5340-00-543-3477 P/N: 8690468

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Webbing Strap

NSN: 5340-00-543-3477 | Model: 8690468
ITAR Registered seal

A narrow strip of webbing cut to a definite length, having one or both ends processed. It is usually designed for, and may have, one or more attachments or fasteners, such as buckle; loop, strap fastener; strap end clip; ring, dee hook; and the like. Excludes strap, berth, mattress retaining; strap, chin; safety straps; and webbing, textile. Do not use if a more specific item name applies.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
1.000 inches
24.000 inches
Environmental Protection
Mildew resistant and water resistant
End Type
Both w/attachments
Buckle Material
Steel, QQ-S-698, comp 1008 through 1020
Buckle Surface Treatment
Paint, black
Buckle Location
On end
Fastened Buckle Feature
Buckle Fastening Method
End Clip Material
Brass, QQ-B-613, alloy 260, 1/4H or brass, QQ-B-613, comp 268
End Clip Quantity
End Attachment/fastening Facility
End clip
Buckle Style Designator
Spring activated
End Clip Style Designator
Ball clip
Olive drab
Nylon, MIL-W-27265, class r
Plastic polyhexamethylene adapted
Material Specification
MIL-W-27265, class r military specification single material response
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