Waveguide Assembly NSN: 5940-00-168-9470 P/N: SM-D-569785

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An item consisting of one or more definite lengths of straight or formed, flexible or rigid, prefabricated hollow tubing of conductive material. the tubing has a predetermined cross section and is designed to guide or conduct high frequency electromagnetic energy through its interior. one or more ends are terminated. may include common mounting of a switch, wave guide, a dummy load, electrical and other components such as waveguide section, cable terminal chamber and the like. excludes coupler, rotary, radio frequency; coupler, directional; adapter, waveguide; and tuner, waveguide.

Bend Angle In Deg: 90.0 all bends e-plane
Cross-sectional Shape Style: Internal, rectangular external, rectangular
Flange Quantity: 2
Flexibility: Rigid single tubing segment
FSC Application Data: Radar equipment
Material: Aluminum alloy all tubing segment and flange
Maximum Operating Pressure: 20.0 pounds per square inch gage
Style Designator: Bend type
Special Features: Frequency band 7.9 to 8.4 ghz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: 1.10
Waveguide Longer Offset Distance: 21.980 inches minimum and 22.020 inches maximum
Waveguide Offset Distance: 13.730 inches minimum and 13.770 inches maximum
Waveguide Outside Height: 0.750 inches nominal
Waveguide Outside Width: 1.500 inches nominal
Waveguide Inside Height: 0.622 inches nominal
Waveguide Inside Width: 1.372 inches nominal
Surface Treatment: Anodize all tubing segment and flange all surfaces
Tubing Twist Angle In Deg: 45.0 single tubing segment
Tubing Twist Type: Straight twist single tubing segment
Tubing Wall Construction Style: Seamless single tubing segment

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