NOS Altra Holdings Thrust Washer Bearing NSN:3120-01-349-4266 Model:18822

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Thrust Washer Bearing

NSN: 3120-01-349-4266 | Model: 18822
ITAR Registered seal

An item of any peripheral shape usually having one flat or spherical surface and a centrally located hole. It is designed for applications involving moving (kinetic) loads. Except for items fabricated from bearing quality synthetic (plastic) or composed of mildly material, one bearing surface must either have a specific surface finish designation of 32 micro inch (0.8 micrometre) or less, arithmetical average (aa) (arithmetic mean deviation) or one of the following conditions: be lapped or ground; have visible or detectable means of lubrication; grooves, indentations; or self-lubrication. The thickness must not exceed 25 percent of the outside diameter of the shortest distance between peripheral flats (when thickness and/or outside diameter is designated as a tolerance dimension, the dimension will be used to determine compliance). Excludes straight, tubular (without flange) items having a bearing surf ac (s) parallel to the axis of the bore only. See also washer, flat and spacer, sleeve.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Cross Sectional Shape
Outside Diameter
Between 0.8450 inches and 0.9050 inches
Center Hole Shape
Between 0.4275 inches and 0.4475 inches
Overall Thickness
Between 0.1512 inches and 0.1562 inches
Corner Shape
Square all corners
Surface Condition
Style Designator

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