Variable Resistor NSN: 5905-00-497-0753 P/N: 3059P1-103

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Variable Resistor- A resistor in which a sliding or rolling contact moves over an exposed area of the resistive element to change the ohmic value of the output. the functional tolerance (linearity), if given, of the output is greater than plus or minus 1 percent on linear outputs. specified outputs such as sine, cosine, tangent, etc., shall be considered to be precision. for items having manually positioned taps designed to be set and fixed prior to use, see resistor, adjustable. for items with step by step variation, see rheostat and resistor, step by step. for tandem-mounted items designed to function together as an attenuator (and rated accordingly), see attenuator, variable. excludes resistor (1), variable, wire wound, nonprecision; resistor (1), variable, nonwire wound precision; and resistor (1), variable, wire wound, precision.

Effective Electrical Rotation In Deg Angular Rotation: 7920.0 nominal
Electrical Resistance Per Section: 10.0 kilohms single section
Actuator Travel Control Feature: Clutch
Actuator Type: Single shaft
Ambient Temp In Deg Celsius Per Section At Full Rated Power: 70.0 single section
Ambient Temp In Deg Celsius Per Section At Zero Percent Rated Power: 150.0 single section
Body Height: 0.315 inches nominal
Body Length: 1.250 inches nominal
Body Width: 0.190 inches nominal
Body Style: Rectangular w/mounting holes/slots
Center To Center Distance Between Center Terminal And Outside Terminal: 0.700 inches nominal
Center To Center Distance Between Terminals: 0.900 inches nominal
Features Provided: Nonmetallic shaft
Maximum Starting Torque: 5.00 inch-ounces
Mounting Facility Quantity: 2
Mounting Hole Diameter: 0.093 inches nominal
Mounting Method: Unthreaded hole
Overall Height: 0.815 inches nominal
Overall Length: 1.308 inches nominal
Lateral Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers: 1.000 inches nominal
Reliability Indicator: Not established
Resistance Tolerance Per Section In Percent: -10.0/+10.0 single section
Rotary Actuator Travel In Angular Deg: 7920.0 nominal
Section Quantity: 1
Shaft Diameter: 0.115 inches nominal
Shaft Length: 0.058 inches nominal
Shaft Style: Round, slotted
Overall Width: 0.190 inches nominal
Power Dissipation Rating Per Section In Watts: 1.0 free air single section
Temp Coefficient Of Resistance Per Section In Ppm Per Deg Celsius: -100.0/+100.0 single section
Terminal Length: 0.500 inches nominal
Terminal Location: Lower adjacent side single row
Terminal Type And Quantity: 3 pin

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