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US Army Communications Distribution Box NSN:6110-01-069-4895 Model:SM-D-698198

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Distribution Box

NSN: 6110-01-069-4895 | Model: SM-D-698198
ITAR Registered seal

An enclosure which includes mounts, and protects such items as switches, circuit breakers, jacks, fuseholders, connectors, terminals and/or terminal boards, resistors, capacitors, transformers, and the like. It is primarily designed to distribute electrical power from one or more primary power sourc (s) such as generator(s) and battery(ies) to one or more electrical and/or electronic item(s). It may include a cover or door. For enclosures which include only circuit breakers, switches, jacks, fuseholders, terminals and/or terminal boards, see circuit breaker box; switch box; jack box; fuse box and terminal box. For enclosure primarily designed to interconnect two or more electrical and/or electronic items, except primary power source(s) see interconnecting box. For empty boxes which are designed to mount, but do not include electrical devices such as switches, jacks, fuseholders, terminals and/or terminal boards, see junction box. See also interconnecting cabinet; control (as modified); panel (1) (as modified); relay assembly; panel, power distribution; switchboard (as modified) and panel, fuse. Excludes connector-switch.

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