U.S Army Tank Automotive Command

U.S Army Tank Automotive Command 12291239 Spring Pin Remover Assembly NSN:5120-01-130-1536 Model:12291239

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Spring Pin Remover Assembly

NSN: 5120-01-130-1536 | Model: 12291239
ITAR Registered seal
NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
General Description
Remover assembly is fscm 19207, p/n 12288816, plate, a u shaped item with a hole centered and 2, equally spaced, holes at each end, 5 in total; fscm 19207, p/n 12288815, plate, is a rectangular block, also with 5 holes, 4 at its side which align with the holes of plate 12288816, and the other hole, centered, aligning itself with the hole in the midpoint of plate, 12288816; fscm 19207, p/n 12288811, screw fills the hole in the middle of plate, 12288815; 4 screws, fscm 96906, ms90725-34 and 4 lock washers, fscm 96906, ms35338-45 are used to secure plate 12288816to plate 12288815

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