Transistor NSN: 5961-00-964-4469 P/N: 2N2421B

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Transistor- An active semiconductor device with three or more electrodes. may or may not include mounting hardware and/or heatsink. excludes semiconductor device, diode and semiconductor device, thyristor. for solid state devices which are responsive to visible or infrared radiant energy, see semiconductor device, photo.

Features Provided: Hermetically sealed case
Mounting Method: Terminal
Overall Diameter: 0.230 inches maximum
Overall Length: 0.210 inches maximum
Semiconductor Material: Silicon
Inclosure Material: Metal
Internal Configuration: Unijunction
Power Rating Per Characteristic: 300.0 milliwatts small-signal input power, common-collector minimum
Special Features: Junction pattern arrangement: pn
Specification/standard Data: 80131-release4064 professional/industrial association specification
Terminal Circle Diameter: 0.100 inches nominal
Terminal Length: 0.500 inches minimum
Terminal Type And Quantity: 3 uninsulated wire lead


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