NEW NOS Time Totalizing Hour Meter, Quartz, 10-80V, DC, LQ NSN:6645-01-173-8841,P/N:1277828H91,

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Time Totalizing Meter

NSN: 6645-01-173-8841 | Model: 1277828H91 & 1220651H2
ITAR Registered seal

An instrument that automatically measured, and cumulatively registers the total operating or idle time of any circuit, machine or system, to which it is connected. See meter, frequency and time totalizing, electrical.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Terminal Quantity
Terminal Type
Any acceptable
Mounting Type
Bracket or clamp
Overall Depth
Between 60.4 millimeters and 85.8 millimeters
Current Type
Overall Diameter
Between 58.4 millimeters and 63.5 millimeters
Case Material
Steel, corrosion resisting or thermoplastic
Indicator Type
Drum register
Voltage Rating
24.0 volts
Measurement Unit
Unit Type
Movement Type
Solid state
Smallest Increment Indicated
Reset Feature
Not provided
Maximum Measurement
Special Features
Safety vent hole to release pressure in excess of 40 psi; polarized connectors

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