Dialight 1595-36-103 Test Lead NSN:6625-00-909-0461

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Test Lead

NSN: 6625-00-909-0461 | Model: 1595-36-103
ITAR Registered seal

A definite length of wire or cable with a clip (1), electrical; connector, plug, electrical; connector, receptacle, electrical; jack, telephone; plug, telephone; jack, tip; plug, tip; or the like on one or both ends, and prod, test on either end but not both ends. Active electronic components such as capacitors, electron tube, resistors, semiconductor devices, and the like may be mounted into and included with lead, test for attenuation or amplification purposes. May or may not include accessories, such as clip (1), electrical; tip, test prod; prod, test; and test lead attachment. For items consisting of more than one lead, test see lead set, test. For items designed for direct attachment to a lead, test see prod, test. For items designed for indirect attachment to a lead, test see test lead attachment. For items not specifically designed for test purposes see lead, electrical.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Cross Sectional Shape
Cross Section Outside Diameter
0.140 inches
Termination Type
Prod terminal both ends single conductor
Strand Quantity Per Conductor
65 single conductor
Conductor Form
Stranded single conductor
Round Conductor Size
18 awg single conductor
Strand Awg Size Per Conductor
22 all conductors

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