General Electric Terminal Board NSN:5940-00-171-0615 Model: EB25A12B

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Terminal Board

NSN: 5940-00-171-0615 | Model: EB25A12B
ITAR Registered seal

An item consisting of insulating material, which is specifically designed to have fastened thereon, or on which are fastened terminal (s), such as screws, solder lugs, solder studs, solder less connectors, clips, and the like. It is usually used for junctions or terminations of wire or cable assemblies. It does not include items as defined above with parts, such as resistors and capacitors mounted thereon. Do not use if a more specific name exists, such as fuse holder holder, resistor; fanning strip; contact assembly, electrical; jack assembly, tip; chamber, cable terminal; panel (2) (as modified) connector (as modified) . Excludes terminal, stud; terminal, feedthru, insulated; post, binding, electrical; and chassis, electrical-electronic equipment. For items having printed electrical conductor paths, see printed wiring board.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Mounting Hole Diameter
0.219 inches
Body Style
Barrier type
Board Construction
Hollow construction without insulated strip
Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Length
7.875 inches
8.250 inches
2.000 inches
1.250 inches
Board Height Excluding Terminals
1.250 inches
Base Thickness
0.500 inches
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
2 unthreaded hole
Nonfeedthru Terminal Type
859 single
Nonfeedthru Terminal Quantity
12 single
Terminal Pattern Arrangement
Terminal Design
Special Features
Barrier board w/double screw terminals
Special Markings
1 through 12
Plastic phenol board and cellulose board
Material Specification
MIL-M-14, type cfg military specification single material response board

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