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Teledyne 4 Cylinder Gas Engine NSN: 2805-01-276-5946

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Specifications Manufacturer: Teledyne 
**Note: While TCM was the primary contractor for these engines, some were manufactured by other companies. All of these engines are built to the same specifications, and all parts are interchangeable regardless of manufacturer.
Model Number: 4A032-4
Part Number: 13206E0000-4
National Stock Number: 2805-01-276-5946
Manufacture Date: February 1990
Engine Type: 4 Cylinder, Air Cooled 
These are NEW (NOT Refurbished) 4 Cylinder, Horizontally Opposed, Air Cooled Engines with Overhead Valves, and Electronic Ignition 
Rating: 6 H.P. @ 3,600 RPM(USG Rating) 
Dimensions: Length: 24 Inches Width: 24 Inches Height: 26 Inches Weight: 150 Pounds 
Bore: 2.250 Inch 
Stroke: 2.0 Inch 
Displacement: 32 Cubic Inches; 524.48cc
Compression: 6.0 to 1
Other Features: Radio Frequency Suppressed Fungus Proofed Dual Coil Electronic Ignition ***Technical Specs and Service Manuals Included

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