13.5" Stop-check Valve NSN: 4820-00-038-0764 P/N:5153s4824-3702

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Stop-check Valve- A valve with a bolt or stem that may be mechanically actuated to two different positions by rotary or linear motion. in the first position, the valve disk is located and locked against the seat permitting no fluid flow through the valve. in the second position, one side of the valve disk is located against the seat permitting movement of the disk in a manner that will allow a flow of fluid in one direction through the valve. the valve disk may be spring loaded. it may be inline or cartridge (manifold) design. see also valve (1), lift-check and valve (1), stop-lift-check

Bolt Circle Nominal Diameter: 11.750 inches 1st end
Bolt Hole Quantity: 8 1st end
Bonnet Type: Packing retaining
Bolt Hole Nominal Diameter: 0.812 inches 1st end
Connection Type: Flange 1st end
Face To Face Distance: 15.500 inches
Flange Face Design: Plain 1st end
Flange Shape: Round with holes 1st end
Flow Control Device: Disk
Material: Steel comp 1020 body
Maximum Operating Pressure: 35.0 pounds per square inch single response
Media For Which Designed: Water, salt single response
Mounting Position: Horizontal or vertical
Nominal Outside Diameter: 13.500 inches 1st end
Nominal Thickness: 0.625 inches 1st end
Style Designator: Straight thru flanged ends
Valve Operation Method: Manual
Valve Size: 8.000 inches

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