Stevens Arnold

Stevens Arnold DC-AC Chopper CH-1539-8V-110 NSN:6130-01-010-6094 Model:3153-P6

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Interrupter Vibrator

NSN: 6130-01-010-6094 | Model: 3153-P6
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An electromechanical device which uses a coil operated switching mechanism to convert a direct current input into a pulsating direct current output of the same value. The direct current input is periodically interrupted at the resonant frequency of a coil driven vibrating armature (reed). The resultant pulsating direct current output produces an inherent alternating current component necessary for ultimate purposes of transformation. It does not include a means of amplification or rectification. For items designed to operate over a wide and comparatively high frequency range and whose drive coil may be excited from either an alternating current or a direct current, see chopper, electronic.

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