Stepping Motor NSN: 6105-01-140-7656 P/N: LA23ACJ-16

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A reversible brushless motor, the rotor of which rotates in discrete angular increments when its stator windings are energized in a programmed manner. rotation occurs because of the magnetic attraction between the rotor poles and the sequentially energized stator phases. the rotor has no electrical windings but rather salient or magnetized poles.

Special Features: 2.875 in. l; 2.625 in. dia.; 0.250 in. dia. shaft; 0.565 in. lg shaft; 22 to 30 v dc oper.; 1.8 deg. per step; mtd by 4 holes 0.200 in. dia. spaced 1.856 in. dia. blt c to c
Terminal Type And Quantity: 5 wire lead

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