Solitron Transistor Model:580R084H01 NSN:5961-00-762-2127

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NSN: 5961-00-762-2127 | Model: 580R084H01 P/N:140AJJ141
ITAR Registered seal

An active semiconductor device with three or more electrodes. May or may not include mounting hardware and/or heatsink. Excludes semiconductor device, diode and semiconductor device, thyristor. For solid state devices which are responsive to visible or infrared radiant energy, see semiconductor device, photo.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Inclosure Material
Overall Length
0.250 inches
Overall Diameter
0.620 inches
Mounting Facility Quantity
Internal Configuration
Junction contact
Electrode Internally-electrically Connected To Case
Mounting Method
Unthreaded hole
Features Provided
Hermetically sealed case
Semiconductor Material
Voltage Rating In Volts Per Characteristic
325.0 collector to base voltage/static/emitter open and 300.0 collector to emitter voltage/static/base open and 6.0 emitter to base voltage, static, collector open
Current Rating Per Characteristic
Between 1.00 amperes source cutoff current and 5.00 amperes source cutoff current
Power Rating Per Characteristic
35.0 watts small-signal input power, common-collector preset
Maximum Operating Tempurature Per Measurement Point
175.0 degrees celsius junction
Special Features
Junction pattern arrangement: npn
Terminal Type And Quantity
3 pin

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