Sleeve Bearing NSN: 3120-01-112-8010 P/N: M1013-10

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Sleeve Bearing- A tubular shaped item with or without flange(s) designed to reduce friction and carry a kinetic load on the surface(s) parallel to the axis of the bore. it must have a visible or detectable means of lubrication or be self-lubricated. the over all length must exceed 25 percent of the outside diameter or the shortest distance between peripheral flats of the body, except for straight tubular (without flange or shoulder) items having a bearing surface(s) parallel to the axis of the bore only. includes items which are divided into two or more segments which include 180 degrees (3.141 radians) or less of the bearing periphery. see also bushing, sleeve; spacer, sleeve; and washer (as modified). excludes pin, hollow.

Body Inside Diameter: 0.6240 inches minimum and 0.6260 inches maximum
Body Outside Diameter: 0.8145 inches minimum and 0.8155 inches maximum
Corner Shape: Square all corners
Material: Copper alloy 932 overall
Overall Length: 1.1200 inches minimum and 1.1300 inches maximum
Style Designator: Solid, plain, no outside flanges
Surface Finish: 63.0 microinches inside diameter surface of body
Surface Finish: 63.0 microinches outside diameter surface of body

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