500FT Lockheed Martin RJ-100454 Electrical Special Purpose Cable (Purple) NSN:6145-01-204-3481

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Electrical Special Purpose Cable

NSN:6145-01-204-3481 P/N:RJ-100454  Model:26433/30147K-2
ITAR Registered seal

Two or more individually insulated conductors (solid or stranded) contained in a common covering, or two or more individually insulated conductors twisted or molded together without a common covering, or one insulated conductor with a metallic covering or shield; each having characteristics not completely conforming to cable, telephone; cable, power, electrical; cable, radio frequency or cord, electrical. Includes items having the combined characteristics of two or more of the aforementioned names. Refers to bulk quantities only; for items of definite length with processed ends or terminated in fittings, see cable assembly, special purpose, electrical.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Cross Sectional Shape
Tempurature Rating
200.0 degrees celsius
Cross Section Outside Diameter
0.112 inches
Conductor Quantity
Strand Quantity Per Conductor
19 all conductors
Conductor Form
Stranded all conductors
Round Conductor Size
26 awg all conductors
Strand Awg Size Per Conductor
38 all conductors
Conductor Arrangement And Quantity
1 twisted pair
Voltage Rating
600.0 root mean square (rms) operating voltage all conductors
Violet 1st position jacket cable
Tin 2nd position shield braid, metallic cable
Precious Material And Location
Surface all conductors silver
Precious Material
Surface Treatment
Silver core conductor all conductors
Surface Treatment Specification
Astm b298 assn standard single treatment response core conductor all conductors

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