NOS Shaft Collar NSN:3040-01-159-7720 Model:02331-0624

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Shaft Collar

NSN: 3040-01-159-7720 | Model: 02331-0624
ITAR Registered seal

An item designed to be mounted around a shaft to limit axial movement of the shaft and/or its assembled parts. It is secured directly to the shaft by use of a setscre (s), pin(s), or the like, which may be a part of the item of supply. A pilot hole drilled in or through the wall(s) for drilling and pinning at application may be considered a method of securing. Solid items have a bearing surface on one or both end(s) perpendicular to the axis. For items designed to be mounted around the extended hub portion of a mounted item on a shaft or clamp around a shaft, see clamp, hub. See also bearing, sleeve; bushing, sleeve; spacer, sleeve; and coupling, shaft, rigid.

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