Eaton-Aeroquip 5400-S5-8 Self-sealing Coupling Half NSN:4730-00-051-4676

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Self-sealing Coupling Half

NSN: 4730-00-051-4676 | Model: 5400-S5-8
ITAR Registered seal

A fluid line fitting having a pipe, tube or hose connection or a through hole to accommodate a bolt, fluid passage on one end. The other end must have an external or internal thread for connecting a mating part to form a self-sealing coupling assembly. The fitting has either a self-sealing feature for the purpose of automatically shutting off the flow of fluid when disconnected from its mating half, or, if it has no self-sealing feature, is specifically designed to mate with a fitting with a self-sealing feature. For self-sealing fittings with a quick disconnect end, see coupling half, quick disconnect. For fluid line fittings without a self-sealing feature, see coupling (as modified).

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Tested iaw mil-q-9858

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