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Rsm Electron Power SENB307-4BUnitized Semiconductor Device Rectifier NSN:5961-01-096-1399

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Unitized Semiconductor Device Rectifier

NSN:5961-01-096-1399    P/N:SENB307-4B     Model:925081-4B
ITAR Registered seal

Two or more diode semiconductor devices designed to function as a unit in changing alternating current to direct current. The diode devices are internally connected in series, and are permanently cased, encapsulated, potted, or molded together to form an inseparable unit. These units may be designed as either half-wave or full-wave rectifiers and may be mounted to form either single phase or three phase bridges. For interconnected items arranged in stac (s), see rectifier, semiconductor device. For items fabricated in the form of a monolithic or thin film structure that perform the function of a circuit, see integrated circuit (as modified) . Excludes semiconductor devices, unitized; semiconductor device assembly; and rectifier network, unitized.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Length
2.000 inches
Overall Height
1.130 inches
Overall Width
1.000 inches
Precious Material And Location
Terminal surfaces silver

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