Military Standards Rotary Switch for M939 NSN:5930-00-699-9438 P/N:MIL-S-13623/1-2

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Rotary Switch

NSN: 5930-00-699-9438    Model: X55210   P/N:MIL-S-13623/1-2
ITAR Registered seal
NSN 5930006999438
MFR PART NO. SAW-6999438
REPLACES: MIL-S-13623/1-2 , 1998009,1998078,8380699, 4776 and others
NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Thread Class
2A single mounting facility
Thread Length
0.560 inches single mounting facility
Width Between Flats
0.214 inches single actuator and 0.217 inches single actuator
Hazardous Locations/environmental Protection
Overall Length
3.520 inches
First Flat Length
0.190 inches single actuator
Shaft Diameter
0.310 inches single actuator and 0.314 inches single actuator
Shaft Length
0.380 inches single actuator
Overall Diameter
1.750 inches
Nonturn Device Radius
0.625 inches at 3: 00 o'clock
Individual Section Quantity
Nonturn Device Type
Tab at 3: 00 o'clock
Switch Contact Basic Design
Nonpile-up nonsymmetrical
Mounting Method
Threaded bushing single mounting facility
Thread Size
0.500 inches single mounting facility
Contact Voltage Rating In Volts
28.0 dc at sea level
Switch Actuator Indexing Position Quantity
2 single actuator
Shaft Type
Round, parallel flatted single actuator
Terminal Type
Connector, receptacle
Switch Actuator Positioning Increment
45.0 degrees single actuator
Contact Load Current Rating
10.0 amperes restive load dc at sea level and 10.0 amperes inductive load dc at sea level and 5.0 amperes lamp load dc at sea level
Special Features
Threaded hole in shaft
Style Designator
Snap or line
Test Data Document
81349-MIL-S-13623 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures, etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "", etc.).
Thread Series Designator
Unf single mounting facility
Specification Data
96906-MS39060 government standard

5930-00-699-9438 Component / End Item

06 F Aircraft, Hercules C-130
0T M Roller, Motorized
14 F Cargo System, 463L
26 F Aircraft, F-16
3Q M Excavator, Combat, M9 Ace
79 A Truck, 5-TON M939 Series
AR N Shipboard Material Handling Equipment (Mhe)
BP M Radar set, Firefinder (AN/TPQ-36)
C7 N Navy Expeditionary Programs
CH F Truck, Fire/Crash P2
CJ F Truck, Fire/Crash P8
CK F Truck, Fire/Crash P10
FG A Armored Combat Earthmover (M9)
GF A Truck, Cargo, 5-TON, 6X6, Xlwb W/E
KP A Truck, Cargo, Dropside 2 1/2-TON 6X6 W/E
MK N Sealift Support Facilities Program (Ssfp) Equipment
R4 M Truck, Cargo 5T, Xlwb, W/Winch
YQ N Fms - Lst 511-1152 Class

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