Harris Corp 5-16153-564 Rotary Switch NSN:5930-00-070-9562

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Rotary Switch

NSN:5930-00-070-9562 | Model:5-16153-564
ITAR Registered seal

A switch actuated by a definite angular rotation of the switch shaft about its axis. For items having rated actuation travel and pressure characteristics, see switch, sensitive. Excludes relay, rotary; switch, stepping; and switch, telephone (as modified).

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Thread Class
2a single mounting facility
Thread Length
0.375 inches single mounting facility
Overall Length
1.938 inches
First Flat Length
0.406 inches single actuator
Shaft Diameter
0.250 inches single actuator
Shaft Length
0.468 inches single actuator
Overall Diameter
1.594 inches
Nonturn Device Radius
0.531 inches at 3: 00 o'clock
Individual Section Quantity
Nonturn Device Type
Tab at 3: 00 o'clock
Operating Tempurature Range
-65.0/+125.0 degrees celsius
Switch Contact Basic Design
Nonpile-up symmetrical
Pole Quantity
2 single section rear
Throw Quantity
5 single section rear
Mounting Method
Threaded bushing single mounting facility
Thread Size
0.375 inches single mounting facility
Contact Voltage Rating In Volts
28.0 dc at sea level
Shaft Flat/slot Angular Location
15.0 degrees from nonturn device single actuator
Switch Actuator Indexing Position Quantity
5 single actuator
Shaft Type
Round, v flatted single actuator
Terminal Type
Tab, solder lug
Contact Switching Action
Breaks before makes single section rear
Switch Actuator Positioning Increment
30.0 degrees single actuator
Detent Rotational Torque Range
+24.000 to 96.000 inch-ounces single actuator
Switch Actuator Stop Device Type
Fixed stop single actuator
Contact Load Current Rating
1.0 amperes resistive load ac at sea level
Precious Material And Location
Contacts silver
Precious Material
Style Designator
Circular wafer, bushing mount
Thread Series Designator
Unef single mounting facility

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