Rotary Switch NSN: 5930-00-070-9562 P/N: 5-16153-564

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A switch actuated by a definite angular rotation of the switch shaft about its axis. for items having rated actuation travel and pressure characteristics, see switch, sensitive. excludes relay, rotary; switch, stepping; and switch, telephone (as modified).

Contact Load Current Rating: 2.0 amperes resistive load dc at sea level
Contact Load Current Rating: 1.0 amperes resistive load ac at sea level
Contact Switching Action: Breaks before makes single section rear
Contact Voltage Rating In Volts: 110.0 ac at sea level
Contact Voltage Rating In Volts: 28.0 dc at sea level
Detent Rotational Torque Range: +24.000/+96.000 inch-ounces single actuator
First Flat Length: 0.406 inches nominal single actuator
Mounting Method: Threaded bushing single mounting facility
Nominal Thread Size: 0.375 inches single mounting facility
Nonturn Device Radius: 0.531 inches nominal at 3:00 o'clock
Nonturn Device Type: Tab at 3:00 o'clock
Operating Temp Range: -65.0/+125.0 deg celsius
Overall Diameter: 1.594 inches maximum
Individual Section Quantity: 1
Shaft Diameter: 0.250 inches nominal single actuator
Shaft Length: 0.468 inches nominal single actuator
Shaft Flat/slot Angular Location: 15.0 degrees from nonturn device single actuator
Shaft Type: Round, v flatted single actuator
Overall Length: 1.938 inches nominal
Pole Quantity: 2 single section rear
Precious Material And Location: Contacts silver
Precious Material: Silver
Style Designator: Circular wafer, bushing mount
Switch Actuator Indexing Position Quantity: 5 single actuator
Switch Actuator Positioning Increment: 30.0 degrees single actuator
Switch Actuator Stop Device Type: Fixed stop single actuator
Switch Contact Basic Design: Nonpile-up symmetrical
Terminal Type: Tab, solder lug
Thread Class: 2a single mounting facility
Thread Length: 0.375 inches nominal single mounting facility
Thread Series Designator: Unef single mounting facility
Throw Quantity: 5 single section rear

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