Rotary Relay NSN: 5945-00-508-2166

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Rotary Relay- A relay whose contact arm may rotate through 360 degrees but not in one operation. includes rotary relays which automatically reset. for an item having the dual functions of a switch and a relay assembled together on a common mounting, see relay-switch. excludes switch, rotary; switch, stepping; and switch, telephone (as modified).

5945-00-508-2166 Datasheet

Coil Dc Resistance: 8.020 ohms nominal
Coil Terminal Quantity: 2
Coil Winding Quantity: 1
Contact Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage: 250.0 milliamperes nominal
Contact Current Type: Ac and dc
Contact Maximum Rated Current: 500.0 milliamperes nominal
Contact Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts: 115.0
Contact Terminal Quantity: 37
Contact Voltage Rating At Maximum Rated Current: 28.0
Dc Operating Voltage Rating In Volts: 26.500 nominal
Mounting Configuration: Four 0.144 in. dia mtg holes equally spaced on 1.250 in. by 1.250 in. mtg centers
Operating Current Rating: 0.031 amperes nominal
Overall Height: 1.563 inches nominal
Structural Design: Sectional
Reset Facility Feature: Not provided
Rotation Direction For Which Designed: Clockwise
Section Quantity: 4
Shaft Rotation In Deg: 360.000
Overall Length: 3.234 inches nominal
Overall Width: 1.563 inches nominal
Winding Characteristic: Single wound untapped

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