Retaining Strap NSN: 5340-01-016-8494 P/N: 101-094-301

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Retaining Strap- A preformed item of rigid or semirigid material designed to partially surround other items such as cable(s), conduit(s), pipe(s), tube(s), or rod(s) or to completely surround them by means of a bridge strap(s) (which does not tightly clamp against the complete periphery). it is designed to retain and/or position the items close to a structure. it may be fastened to the structure on one end, both ends, or in the center. see also clamp, loop. excludes bracket, pipe; strap, leather and strap, webbing

Cushion: Not included
Material: Steel
Mounting Pad: Not included
Overall Width: 0.750 inches nominal
Style Designator: Half arch

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