Eaton 10H22A1C1F3L(WWWW)N1R1V12ANNUNC Push Switch NSN:5930-01-189-5307

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Push Switch

NSN: 5930-01-189-5307 | Model: 10H22A1C1F3L(WWWW)N1R1V12ANNUNC-
ITAR Registered seal

A switch that is externally actuated by a device such as a push rod or button, which requires pushing for each actuation. The action may be momentary, with mechanical return. The actuating device may or may not be an integral part of the switch. The item may include provisions for mounting indicating lam (s) or light emitting diode(s) in the actuator. Includes items consisting of individually separable switches that are physically interlocked, that have a common actuator, or are electrically connected. Excludes light-switch; light-switch assembly; switch, beam selecting, headlight; switch, foot; switch, interlock; switch, pressure; switch, push-pull; switch, sensitive and switch assembly. For devices which start, stop, reverse, select and/or regulate the speed of a motor, see starter, motor and controller, motor.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Body Style
Panel mount
Overall Length
1.210 inches
Overall Height
3.320 inches
Overall Width
Between 0.950 inches and 0.970 inches
Body Length
0.660 inches
Body Width
Between 0.950 inches and 0.970 inches
Body Height
3.110 inches
Case Material
Actuator Length
Between 1.020 inches and 1.050 inches
Actuator Style
Actuator Height
Between 0.164 inches and 0.210 inches
Actuator Width
Between 0.720 inches and 0.750 inches
Actuator Color
White single actuator
Illuminated Actuator Color
White single actuator
Actuator Inscription
Annunciator single actuator
Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts
115.0 ac and 28.0 dc
Inclosure Type
Fully enclosed
Mounting Method
Nonpile-up Contact Arrangement
2 pole, double throw, both positions maintained single switch unit
Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage
5.000 amperes resistive dc and 3.000 amperes inductive dc and 5.000 amperes resistive ac and 5.000 amperes inductive ac
Special Features
Full display lens
Precious Material And Location
Contacts silver
Terminal Type And Quantity
6 turret and 5 tab, solder lug

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