Detoronics Pressure Switch,Designed For Liquid NSN: 5930-00-959-2359 P/N:1251

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Pressure Switch

NSN: 5930-00-959-2359 | Model: 1251
ITAR Registered seal

A switch which is actuated by changes in pressure of any gas or liquid or by changes in a vacuum acting upon its sensing element. Excludes brainwash switch, pressure-thermostatic; and switch, sensitive.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Thread Class
3A single pressure connection
Thread Length
0.300 inches single pressure connection and 0.340 inches single pressure connection
Overall Length
3.180 inches
Outside Diameter
0.438 inches single connection
Body Length
1.750 inches
Overall Diameter
1.900 inches
Pressure Switch Type
Width Across Flats
0.688 inches
Operating Tempurature Rating
Between -65.0 degrees Fahrenheit and 250.0 degrees Fahrenheit
Mounting Method
Inlet connection
Features Provided
Electrical access port and internally grounded
Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
20 single pressure connection
Contact Action Stimulus
Proof Pressure
60.00 pounds per square inch
Thread Size
0.4375 inches single pressure connection
Nonpile-up Contact Arrangement
1 pole, double throw, one position momentary
Sensing Element Burst Pressure
100.00 pounds per square inch
Terminal Type
Connector, receptacle
Contact Load Current Rating
4.0 amperes restive load single voltage and 2.5 amperes inductive load single voltage
Contact Adjustability
Deactuation point not adjustable and actuation point not adjustable
Contact Stimulus Rating
15.00 actuation point pounds per square inch gage and 6.00 deactuation point pounds per square inch gage and 9.00 differential point pounds per square inch gage
Contact Voltage Rating In Volts
28.0 dc at sea level single voltage
Pressure Connector Type
Flared, threaded external single connection
Media For Which Designed
Style Designator
Thread Series Designator
Unf single pressure connection

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