Pressure Control Filling Assembly NSN: 4930-00-855-8739 P/N: 13215E8372

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Pressure Control Filling Assembly Includes hose assembly!

For Use With/On: 4930-00-087-7494
General Characteristics Item Description: Consists of valve body,inlet and outlet 2,valve cover 1,venture throat 1,guide shaft 1,spring,compression 3,diaphragm 1,screw,mach,hex hd 1,washer one large and one small,poppet 1,nut,hex 1,disc 1,plug,slotted 2,plug,hex 1,screw cap 1,nut,hex 0.375 in.-16 unc 10,stud 6,scr,mach,hex hd 0.375 in.-16 2,cplg half,quick disc,male 1,cplghalf,quick disc,cap dust 2,cplg half,quick disc,female 1,cplg half,quick disc,plug dust 2,screw,rd hd 1,spacer 1,base,pilot valve 1,stem,pilot valve 1,guide,pilot valve 1,top,pilot valve 1,sleeve,pilot valve 1,nut,hex 0.312 in.-18 1,bellows,outer and inner 2,scr cap 0.250 in.-20 3,dyna seal 1,body,cycling 2,stem,cycling 2,push button 2,washer 2,ring 2,cover,cycling 2,setscrew 2,scr cap 8 in-32 6,e-ring 0.312 in.3,e-ring 0.625 in.2,o-rings 14,cplg half,quick disc female and male 2,clamp,hose 4,hose,wire 1,stand 1,screw mach 0.375 in.-16 2,gasket 4

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