Powerex CD410899 Unitized Semiconductor Devices NSN:5961-01-291-5547

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Unitized Semiconductor Devices

NSN:5961-01-291-5547    Model:CD410899
ITAR Registered seal

Two or more discrete semiconductor devices such as diod (s) and/or transistor(s), permanently cased, encapsulated, or potted together to form an inseparable unit. Excludes devices having one or more components other than semiconductor devices. The individually distinct devices forming the unit may be internally connected. The unit in itself does not perform a complete specific function and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. It may include or consist of inseparable matched pairs. May or may not include mounting hardware and/or heatsink. For interconnected items arranged in stack(s), see rectifier, semiconductor device. For items formed on or within a semiconductor material substrate, formed on an insulating substrate or formed on a combination of both of these types, see microcircuit (as modified). Excludes network (as modified) ; absorber, overvoltage; semiconductor device set; and semiconductor device assembly. Do not use if more specific name applies.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Inclosure Material
Metal and glass
Overall Length
Between 3.602 inches and 3.640 inches
Overall Height
Between 1.120 inches and 1.170 inches
Overall Width
Between 0.795 inches and 0.805 inches
End Application
Mounting Facility Quantity
Component Name And Quantity
2 semiconductor device diode
Mounting Method
Unthreaded hole
Semiconductor Material
Silicon all semiconductor device diode
Voltage Rating In Volts Per Characteristic
300.0 nonrepetitive peak reverse voltage all semiconductor device diode and 400.0 repetitive peak reverse voltage all semiconductor device diode
Current Rating Per Characteristic
80.00 amperes forward current, average all semiconductor device diode
Maximum Operating Tempurature Per Measurement Point
150.0 degrees celsius junction
Terminal Type And Quantity
3 screw

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