Staco Energy Products Power Autotransformer Transformer,28V,400HZ,SEC 0-28V,6AMP NSN:5950-00-620-2911 P/N:5-1035

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Power Autotransformer Transformer

NSN: 5950-00-620-2911  Model: 256833  P/N: 5-1035
ITAR Registered seal

A transformer which incorporates the primary and secondary functions into a single winding, which is common to both input and output circuits, and is designed to change the relationship of volts and amperes between the entire winding and its taps. Includes multiple winding transformers of like design and items in which a variation of the turns ratio or inductive ratio of inductive coupling is accomplished by connection to fixed terminals. Also, includes items having a provision for mechanically changing the turns ratio in progressive increments, by means of a shaft, voltage taps, ratio adjuster, or devices of similar design. Excludes transformer (1), power; transformer (1), pulse.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Reliability Indicator
Not established
Frequency Rating
400.0 hertz single component
Input-output Phase Relationship
Single phase to single phase single component
Adjustment Device Drive Type
Shaft single component
Body Length
3.625 inches
Body Outside Diameter
1.812 inches
Inclosure Type
Fully enclosed
Mounting Method
Threaded bushing single group
Winding Function And Quantity
1 primary, fixed autotransformer type single component
Thread Size
0.375 inches single group
Winding Operating Current
6.0 amperes ac single component single primary output
Winding Power Rating
168.0 volts-amperes single component single primary output
Adjustment Method And Quantity
1 adjustable control single component
Winding Operating Voltage
28.00 ac volts single component single primary input
Thread Series Designator
Unef single group
Terminal Type And Quantity
3 threaded stud

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