Power Supply NSN:6130-00-175-8027 P/N:D167Ry

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Power Supply- A component which converts available alternating current or direct current electrical power into a form required to operate another component or set. the item may consist of a combination of an invertor, vibrator; vibrator, interrupter; vibrator, self-rectifying; invertor, power, static; with a transformer and rectifier(s) employing electron tubes, semiconductor diode or metallic (dry disc) type components, or the synchronized secondary contact(s) of a vibrator, self-rectifying; or may consist of electron tubes, semiconductor diode or metallic (dry disc) type rectifiers and capacitors in transformerless (alternating current-direct current type) circuits which may be of the voltage-multiplier type. the item may incorporate a filter, direct current power and provisions for regulation of input and/or output voltage. the item may have special input, output, control or other facilities for applications in specialized environments such as medical, dental or other operations. excludes battery chargers and rotating machinery types of items, such as motor generators and dynamotors.

Electrical Power Source Relationship: Operating
Output Current Rating: 5.0 ac milliamperes maximum multiple power outputs w/identical ratings
Output Voltage Rating: 4000.0 ac volts nominal 3rd power output
Output Voltage Rating: 7000.0 ac volts nominal 1st power output
Overall Height: 4.500 inches nominal
Input Connection Quantity: 1 single operating power rqmt
Input Connection Type: Connector, plug single operating power rqmt
Input Current Rating: 0.5 ac amperes nominal single operating power rqmt
Input Frequency Rating: 50.0 hertz minimum single operating power rqmt and 60.0 hertz maximum single operating power rqmt
Input Voltage Rating: 115.0 ac pounds per hour wet single operating power rqmt
Overall Length: 6.375 inches nominal
Overall Width: 3.936 inches nominal

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