Power Distribution Panel 120KW 480/208V/3/60Hz NSN: 6110-00-304-6623 p/n: 6002623ITEM4

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A panel designed for connecting, disconnecting and protecting power line feeders and/or direct control of specific electric devices such as lights, motors, electronic equipment, etc. see also fuse box; switch box; distribution box; and panel, power bus, circuit breaker.

Electrical Input Quantity: 4
Electrical Output Quantity: 4
Mounting Method: Skid
Output Neutral: Provided
Output Frequency Rating: 60 hertz
Output Wattage Rating In Watts: 16627.0
Output Wattage Rating In Watts: 83136.0
Overall Height: 36.000 inches nominal
Inclosure Feature: Weatherproof
Input Neutral: Provided
Input Phase: Three
Input Frequency In Hertz: 60.0
Input Voltage Rating: 480.0 ac volts nominal
Shock Absorbent Rating: 1 drop at 3 feet
Overall Length: 48.000 inches nominal
Overall Width: 36.000 inches nominal
Panel Material: Aluminum
Panel Quantity: 1
Phase: Single
Phase: Three
Special Features: Two circuit breakers rated 20 amp single pole,two circuit breakers rated 30 amp 2 pole,four circuit breakers rated 50 amp 3 pole,six circuit breakers rated 100 amp 3 pole w/2 circuit breakers w/300-400 amp adjustable magnetic trip,w/attachments for crane hooks or parachute
Wattage Rating In Watts: 332544.0

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