Piston Ring NSN: 4310-00-287-8126

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Piston Ring-A circular, single or multipiece item, metallic or nonmetallic in composition, designed to be fitted in a circumferential groove in a piston and to spring outward against the cylinder wall to function as a seal or wiper. it is supplied in various cross-sectional shapes and is cut through at one point to allow for installation in the piston ring groove. it may include an expander. excludes packing, preformed; retainer, oil seal; retainer, packing; ring, retaining; ring wiper; and seal ring, metal.

Cross-sectional Shape Style: Plain rectangular, straight face
FSC Application Data: Hoist cylinder,truck
Material: Iron overall
Joint Style: Vertical joint
Radial Wall Thickness: 0.1950 inches minimum and 0.2050 inches maximum
Ring Style: Concentric
Overall Width: 0.2175 inches minimum and 0.2180 inches maximum
Standard Bore Diameter: 5.250 inches

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