Optoelectronic Coupler NSN: 5980-01-110-3466 P/N: OPB847

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Optoelectronic Coupler- A device containing one or more light sources (either incandescent, glow, or solid state, lamps) opticallycoupled to one or more semiconductor type photo-sensitive elements, all of which are contained in an opaque enclosure. light generated within the device by the application of an appropriate electrical input to the light source(s) acts upon the light sensor(s) to produce a corresponding output or change in some electrical quantity or variation in some electrical property. for items in which the light in directed at another item and the reflected light is interpreted (read) see scanner, optical.

General Characteristics Item Description: Source and sensor assembly; source reverse voltage 3 v,sensor collector-emitter voltage 30 v,sensor collector-emitter voltage 5 v; sensor continuous dissipation 50 mw; source continuous forward current 100 ma; 0.500 in. lg; 0.425 in. w; 0.250 in. h; 4 lead type terminals
Storage Temp Range: -40.0/+100.0 deg celsius

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