Optical Element Retainer NSN:5855-01-165-2158 P/N:Sm-C-850160

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Optical Element Retainer- A cylindrical, externally threaded item having a centrally located hole specifically designed to retain by means of either a raised box (shoulder), or counterbore, countersink, or a similar shaped recess, an optical element such as a lens, reticle, cell, and the like, in optical assemblies. it must have drilled holes or slots to facilitate assembly and disassembly. for items which house the optical element(s), and form the internal or central portions of an optical system, see cell, optical element. excludes ring, externally threaded.

Diameter: 1.580 inches nominal
FSC Application Data: Night vision equipment,emitted and reflected radiation
Guide Design: Thread chamfer
Hole Chamfer Angle In Deg: 45.0
Hole Chamfer Diameter: 1.300 inches nominal
Hole Diameter: 1.300 inches nominal
Hole Or Slot Quantity: 4
Overall Length: 0.140 inches nominal
Internal Annular Serration: Not provided
Recess Depth: 0.070 inches nominal
Recess Diameter: 1.300 inches nominal
Setscrew Notch: Not provided
Special Test Features: Interpret drawing iaw standards prescribed by mil-d-1000
Style Designator: Recessed

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