NOS Observation Window NSN: 9340-01-516-7340 Model: 15703-2

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Observation Window

NSN: 9340-01-516-7340 | Model: 15703-2
ITAR Registered seal

A transparent item of a predetermined size that permits unobstructed and undistorted view of a desired area. It may include a frame, have reference markings, grid lines and may be heat strengthened and/or tinted. It is generally used where safety, security, and/or the restriction of foreign matter are required, such as the visual examination of the inside of pressurized tanks, liquid sights, controlled liquid flow, and inspection of equipment enclosed in a housing. See window (as modified) scale, cathode ray tube; scale, plotting; window, metal; window, wood; and window panel, aircraft.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Diameter
3.500 inches
Overall Thickness
0.250 inches
End Application
Uv detector or flame detector
Material Transparency
Special Features
Synthetic silica uv grade optical quality, temper glass, ground and polished commercial finish
Style Designator

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