NOS Power Transformer NSN:5950-00-219-7849 Model:CTP375-3

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Power Transformer

NSN:5950-00-219-7849 P/N:TF4RX2IYY Model:CTP375-3
ITAR Registered seal

A transformer consisting of one or more primary win din (s) and one or more secondary winding(s). It may be designed for direct connection to an alternating current source for purposes of changing the secondary volts and amperes or designed to eliminate metallic interconnection between circuits in an one to one voltage ratio, with or without additional output windings, or items designed to automatically maintain a constant output voltage within specified limits under varying input or load conditions. Also includes items having a provision for mechanically changing the turns ratio or inductive coupling in progressive increments by means of voltage taps, ratio adjuster, or devices oe similar design. For transformers having winding(s) common to both input and output circuits, see transformer (1), power, autotransformer. Excludes transformer (1) , pulse.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Length
2.062 inches
Overall Height
1.312 inches
Overall Width
1.125 inches
Mounting Hole Diameter
0.188 inches single group
Distance Between Mounting Facility Centers
1.750 inches single mounting facility single center group
Inclosure Type
Fully enclosed
Mounting Facility Quantity
2 single group
Mounting Method
Unthreaded hole single group
Terminal Type And Quantity
4 tab, solder lug

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