NOS Military Spec Shackle 3/4" ,20000-lbs Cargo Harness, P/N:PS70087-3

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Genuine USA Made Shackle, Tie-Down, used on many M Series vehicles.  Can  be adapted for many other military/equipment uses, farm, 4x4, construction, hobby, etc

Made by the Original US Military Manfacturers (OEM)  

Opening Width

2.313 inches minimum and 2.437 inches maximum

Inside Length

4.625 inches minimum and 4.875 inches maximum

Eyelet Style

Round plain

END Condition


Material Diameter

0.750 inches nominal

Closure Head Style


Special Features

Proof load 20000 lbs, screw cap MS90727-197, nut MS35691-61


Steel comp 4130 or steel comp 4140

Material Document AND Classification

FED-STD-66 fed std single material response

Surface Treatment


Surface Treatment Document AND Classification

MIL-P-16232 ty 2 cl 4B mil spec single treatment response and MIL-W-3688 mil spec single treatment response

Style Designator


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