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NOS Lock Washer W/Cadmium Surface Treatment NSN:5310-00-584-7890 Model:FF-W-84

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Lock Washer

NSN: 5310-00-584-7890 | Model: FF-W-84
ITAR Registered seal

A washer which is usually round with a centrally located hole. Its edges and two bearing surfaces are so designed that applied pressure brings into play the spring tension and/or frictional locking principle which materially resists any tendency toward turning. It may be made of one or two pieces

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Hole Diameter
Between 1.525 inches and 1.561 inches
Outside Diameter
2.430 inches
Material Thickness
Between 0.375 inches and 0.395 inches
Hardness Rating
Between 45.0 Rockwell c and 53.0 Rockwell c
Steel comp 1060 or steel comp 1561 or steel comp 1064 or steel comp 1065 or steel comp 1566 or steel comp 1069 or steel comp 1070 or steel comp 1572 or steel comp 1074 or steel comp 1075 or steel comp 1078 or steel comp 1080
Material Specification
66 federal standard all material responses
Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment Specification
QQ-P-416, type 2, cl 3 federal specification single treatment response
Style Designator
Split helical-right hand
Nondefinitive Specification/std Data
2 style and a class

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