NOS Naval Sea Systems Mounting Bracket NSN:5340-01-301-0633 P/N:5830969

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Mounting Bracket

NSN: 5340-01-301-0633 | Model: 5830969
ITAR Registered seal

A bracket of various shapes (other than angle), designed to be attached to a supporting surface for the specific purpose of positioning, aligning and/or supporting another item. Excludes brace (as modified) bracket, angle; and bracket, double angle. See also bracket (1), electrical connector; bracket, fire extinguisher; bracket, solenoid; bracket, track, sliding door; and retainer (as modified).

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Special Features
Steel, MIL-S-22141 comp IC-4140, phosphate coating, DOD-P-16232 ty m cl 2; 4.560 in. Lg; 2.500 in. W; 0.940 in. Ht; two projections 3.060 in. Lg by 0.380 in. W; w/two holes in line 0.188 in. Min and 0.189 in. Max dia two holes in base 0.343 in. Min and 0.351 in. Max dia, spot faced 0.530 in. Min and 0.539 in. Max dia two holes in base 0.155 in. Min and 0.161 in. Max dia

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