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Military Truck HMMWV Rear Suspension Mounting Bracket NSN:5340-01-204-2584 Model:12338197

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Mounting Bracket

NSN: 5340-01-204-2584 | Model: 12338197
ITAR Registered seal

A bracket of various shapes (other than angle), designed to be attached to a supporting surface for the specific purpose of positioning, aligning and/or supporting another item. Excludes brace (as modified); bracket, angle; and bracket, double angle. See also bracket (1), electrical connector; bracket, fire extinguisher; bracket, solenoid; bracket, track, sliding door; and retainer (as modified).

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
End Application
Truck 1-1/4 ton, pccn chmmwv
Special Features
Steel weldment; 1st leg 6.720 insh; 5.710 ins w; 1st leg has 4 slotted holes 0.781 ins w by 1.250 ins lg; 2ndleg 5.710 ins w at base, 3.500 ins w at outer edge; 1.750 ins lg; 2nd leg has 2 holes 0.531 ins dia; 1 reinforcement plate p/n 5579689, fscm 34623 attached; 1 u shaped tie down bar attached, p/n 5584225-b, fscm 34623

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