Schneider Electric LUB12 Non-Reversing Motor Starter Power Base, TeSys 036277 NSN:6110-01-565-7957

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Motor Starter

NSN:6110-01-565-7957     Model:LUB12
ITAR Registered seal

A device primarily designed to control the supply circui (s) of a motor in order to accelerate the motor from rest to normal speed. Includes manual starters with overload protection and manual, automatic or semiautomatic starters consisting of combinations of items such as relays, resistors, switches, circuit breakers, etc. Excludes relay-switch; circuit breaker; switch (as modified) and relay (as modified). For devices, which in addition to starting and stopping, reverse, select and/or regulate the speed of a motor, see controller (as modified) .

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
End Application
Switchboard, 450v cps asy03376. Panel, 120v pmp start. Control center motor asy03272, asy03116, asy03271, asy03273, asy03110, asy03119, asy03118, asy03115, asy03114, asy03113, asy03112, asy03111.
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency
U-line, starter 12a
Special Features
Motor starter power base 12a.

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