Motor Controller NSN:6105-00-917-2038 P/N:675083

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Motor Controller- A motor which is designed to be operated from two independent voltage sources, in such a way that variations in one voltage source will determine the direction and speed of the motor. in the alternating current type the voltages are usually applied to a split-phase stator, whereas in the direct current type, one voltage is applied to the stator and the other to the armature. low inertia and rapid reversibility are inherent characteristics of this type of motor. see also servomotor, automatic pilot.

Connection Type And Voltage Rating In Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input
Control Field Current Rating In Amps: 0.047
Control Field Impedance Rating In Ohms: 2400.0
Control Field Voltage Type And Rating In Volts: 115.0 ac
Cooling Method: Natural convection ventilated
Current Rating In Amps: 0.047 single input
Current Type: Ac input
Features Provided: Vertical mounting position and horizontal mounting position
Frequency In Hertz: 400.0 input
Full Tooth Length: 0.4375 inches nominal single end
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity: 4 threaded hole
Mounting Method: Clamp ring
Overall Length: 2.140 inches
Inclosure Feature: Totally inclosed
Length Of Shaft From Housing: 0.375 inches single end
Rotor Speed Rating In Rpm: 6200.0 single no load
Shaft Diameter: 0.1247 inches nominal single end
Shaft End Characteristic: A17 single style single end
Overall Width: 1.062 inches
Phase: Single input
Special Features: Control windings 57.5 vac parallel connected,control windings 0.094 amps parallel connected,control windings 612.0 ohms impedance parallel connected
Teeth Quantity: 13 single end
Temp Rating: -55.0 operating deg celsius and 125.0 operating deg celsius
Terminal Type And Quantity: 6 screw
Torque Rating And Type: 0.62 inch-ounces stalled

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