Motor Accessory Kit NSN:6105-00-134-6528 P/N:804531

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Motor Accessory Kit-(all except usa) a headed externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion may extend on part or whole of its shank. the head is designed to be held or driven with a tool. the threaded portion is cylindrical and its diameter 1.6 mm or more. for items with diameters below 1.6 mm see screw, instrument. the item is designed to be driven in a preexisting mating screwthread or to accommodate a nut, insuring assembling of parts, with the part opposite the head acting as a nut, or insuring a grip between the bearing surface of its head and that of a nut screwed on its end. the threaded end may have a pilot for easier driving into a drilled hole. if the point is designed to prevent or restrict relative movements of parts see setscrew. do not use if a more specific item name applies. if the item is furnished with attachments such as nut(s), washer(s), pin(s), and the like, see screw assembly or bolt (as modified).

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