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New SAE 12 In 1 Folding Locking Adjustable Pocket Flip To Fit Wrench Tool WPouch

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New in velcro pouch SMC Innovations twelve way/twelve-in-one folding,locking SAE chrome flip to fit adjustable wrench.SORRY BUT THERE ARE NO METRICS AVAILABLE AND NEVER WAS.This is a handy little pocket wrench tool featuring hook and loop closure on carrying pouch.Adjusts to 12 different sizes by simply flipping adjustment bars.Adjusts to 5/16",3/8",7/16",1/2",9/16",5/8",11/16",3/4",13/16",7/8" and 1" variations.I keep one on my motorcycle and one in my pickup.Great for boats,Rv's etc.Would make an excellent gift.Birthday!Christmas!

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