Lug Terminal NSN: 5940-01-525-4065 P/N: 277150-3

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Lug Terminal NSN 5940-01-525-4065-A terminal designed to be affixed, usually at one end, to a post, stud, chassis, or the like for mounting. it has provisions for attachment of wire(s) or similar electrical conductor(s) in order to establish an electrical connection and could require the use of tool(s) for attachment of wire. for post like terminals, see terminal stud. excludes clip, electrical; terminal, quick disconnect and terminal feedthru.

  • Overall Length:
    2.370 inches
  • Overall Width:
    0.675 inches
  • Material Thickness:
    0.020 inches
  • Maximum Conductor Size Accommodated:
    1000 mcm
  • Electrical Insulation Feature:
  • Mounting Method Style:
  • Mounting Hole Diameter:
    0.375 inches
  • Mounting Tongue Width:
    0.675 inches
  • Mounting Facility Thickness:
    0.093 inches
  • For Use With/On:
    E-3 aircraft
  • Basic Shape Style:
  • Conductor Accommodation Type:
    Recessed barrel single end
  • Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
    Terminal wire part
  • Special Features:
    Special design for aluminum wire
  • Material:
    Copper overall
  • Material Document And Classification:
    Astm-b187 assn std single material response overall
  • Surface Treatment:
    Nickel overall single layer
  • Surface Treatment Document And Classification:
    Qq-n-290 fed spec single treatment response overall single layer

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