Light Lens NSN:6220-01-476-6216 P/N:631-321-015

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Light Lens- A transparent or translucent item designed to enclose or be placed in front of a light source. sections of the lens may be opaque. it may or may not include a holder. it is designed to be either a replacement unit for a specific type of light, such as light, indicator; light, navigational, marine; stop light, vehicular; and lantern, electric or that portion of a switch, (as modified) used as an actuator and having provisions for illumination. see also, window, lighting fixture; globe; electric light; and filter (2), (as modified).

Effective Length: 0.520 inches nominal
Effective Width: 0.520 inches nominal
For Use With/On: Aircraft, stratolifter c-135
Color: Clear lens
Flange Width: 0.225 inches nominal
Material: Aluminum alloy base
Mounting Method: Flange
Mounting Slot Depth: 0.225 inches nominal
Mounting Slot Width: 0.030 inches minimum and 0.250 inches maximum
Overall Height: 0.248 inches nominal
Overall Length: 0.745 inches nominal
Light Transmission Design: Translucent lens
Overall Width: 0.745 inches nominal
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency: Pushbutton
Special Features: Lens is a horizontally split, pushbutton display with visible legends; top legend mfd ctl, bottom legend ctr mfd control: also has a green in color filter
Specific Use: Panel light
Style Designator: Convex
Supplementary Features: Operating characteristics: activation force is five pounds maximum. activation travel is 0.125 inches with a 0.025 inch tolerance. pushbutton extraction force is two to five pounds
Surface Condition: Smooth face
Surface Condition: Smooth back

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