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Kings Electric RF Coaxial Connector P/N:KP-9920--514-501

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Tip Jack

NSN: 5935-01-053-9852   P/N:KP-9920--514-501  Model: SMC859779
ITAR Registered seal

An electrical fitting with a female contact arranged for the insertion of a plug, tip or a tip, test prod. It has a single facility for attachment of a conductor or facility for circuit connection through its mounting provisions. The item may or may not be insulated. Excludes multisection types each section of which consists of a single contact spring or telephone-type jack. Excludes connector, receptacle electrical; jack, telephone; jack assembly, tip; and post, binding.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Electrical Insulation Feature
Identification Code Color
Body Style
Coaxial hole or slot mounted
Overall Length
1.250 inches
Overall Height
0.638 inches
Body Diameter
0.439 inches
Mounting Hole Diameter
0.128 inches
Mounting Bushing Length
0.264 inches
Accommodated Finger Type
Test prod single finger
Finger Accommodation Diameter
0.562 inches single finger
Finger Accommodation Length
0.080 inches single finger
Mounting Bushing Diameter
0.347 inches
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
1 unthreaded hole
Terminal Type
Copper spring
Copper spring
Precious Material And Location
Contact and body surfaces gold
Precious Material And Weight
0.105 gold grains, troy
Precious Material
Surface Treatment
Copper and nickel and gold body
Surface Treatment
Copper spring and gold spring

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