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Adapter Kit, ICE Test Dearborn Protocol, Data Bus Kit, Probe Set NOS LMTV FMTV Interconnecting Box NSN:6625-01-554-5900 P/N:13608010-2

Regular price $499.00
Interconnecting Box- An inclosure which includes mounts and protects such items as switches, circuit breakers, jacks, fuseholders, connectors, terminals and/or terminal boards, resistors, capacitors, transformers, and the like. it is primarily designed to interconnect two or more electrical and/or electronic items, except primary power source(s) such as generator(s) and battery(ies). it may include a cover or door. for inclosures which connect one or more primary power source(s) to one or more electrical and/or electronic item(s), see distribution box. see also circuit breaker box; terminal box and interconnecting cabinet.

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